"Thanks Art for sharing these memories. Thanks for your faithful service to our country in all you did to uphold truth and honesty and accountability while serving in the bureaucracy of the Army. I loved reading your book! Hope that you write another in the vein of what you have written here. You are an excellent writer! Thank you for recruiting me into the Air National Guard. That was the beginning of a wonderful adventure and great blessing. Blessings to you."
May 21, 2014

"I purchased the book and just completed it. You've had an amazing life of travel and adventure working under some challenging conditions. I wish we had more government employees and politicians who had the integrity and ethics you exhibited through out your career. Congratulations on your book I hope you sell many copies"
February 10, 2012

"As I am listening to the snippets, I can't help but think of the level of fraud, waste, and abuse that has happened in the recent years. I am sure that it is much higher (probably exponentially) than when you served. No wonder we're in such a financial mess. Thanks for giving me a bit of enlightenment."
July 25, 2011

"I enjoyed reading your book. I got to know' you' through it. I gained a respect for how you served the financial interests of the taxpayer, and since I am one of them in the private sector that's a big deal to me. Especially now when the public sector is trying to take advantage of their position."
May 5, 2011

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book!! It was great to hear about the family history and then it really takes off in a James Bond sort of way that kept me turning the pages to see who was trying to screw you over next!"
February 02, 2010

"I applaud you telling about your experiences and the government waste and corruption that you witnessed."
February 17, 2009

"I feel impressed with your cogent take on what makes a great many bureaucrats tick, how they move within the morass they create, and the particular contagious spread of that particular mindset."
January 14, 2009