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"Roswell 1947 the "Cover Up". I have only limited answers but what I do have is this. When the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) crashed the Government was only a small part and was quickly shoved aside. In the investigation an agency that not even the government knew about took over. They learned about the existence of what is called the Virus inside of the recovered alien bodies well more or less in their minds. The race of aliens is called by us "The Grays" inside of them for a long time has been something called the Virus. That is the importance of Roswell 1947. Why they covered it up is the same goddamn stupid reason that agency covers up everything; they think that it would cause mass chaos. I know all of that for a fact, it is not a thought." (eyewitness report of events of a UFO's debris at Roswell, NM).

Do aliens really exist? Maybe but it all depends on how much you are willing to believe. A White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) engineer claimed he had a frightening contact with one while at WSMR. I read his book and this is how he described it... an "Encounter of the Third Kind". Lesser sightings are technically known as either Encounter One or Encounter Two. His story meets the definition for an "Encounter of the Third Kind ": (1) a sighting (2) contact (3) actual human/alien interaction (e.g. abduction, confrontation, interference). I had worked at WSMR, a major military proving ground to test and evaluate highly classified U.S. military space programs in New Mexico. Any hard evidence from UFO intrusions was deliberately confiscated and hidden from public view so as not to alarm the public. Rumors were that a "Black Council" of nine top U.S leaders were members. Some of the names were Henry Kissinger, Vice President Dick Cheney, President Richard Nixon, F.B.I. Chief J. Edgar Hoover, etc.

He had been anxiously waiting to catch the last bus to town unaware it had already left. It was Friday evening and no one was at the bus station. Few employees remained on weekends. Mysteriously, his watch had been off by an hour. Stranded alone in that desolate place without transportation he walked back to his office in a quandary. He was a WSMR missile engineer who resided in Las Cruces and would not make it home that night. It happened around 1976. Famous as the largest U.S. test and evaluation proving ground for space-age weaponry, the most bizarre of his claim to infamy was published in a book entitled "A Message of Peace from Beyond". The book tells of his sighting and UFO encounter while at the Range. A WSMR co-worker loaned it to me after I expressed an interest in UFOs. I have paraphrased from memory what happened in this story to the best of my recollection. Perplexed, he entered his office preparing to spend the night. A cot used whenever a night firing was scheduled would be his bed for the night. But it was still early, so to pass the time he walked down an old deserted road under a clear, star-filled sky, gazing upward as he ambled along.

A warm soft breeze was his only companion. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of a bright shiny object moving rapidly towards him. Startled he stopped and watched its flight.

It seemed to be descending. Completely transfixed, he followed it until it disappeared over a nearby sandy knoll without a sound. Slowly he approached the knoll and felt a rush come over him as he looked down upon it. He was afraid and excited!

What he saw, was a purplish saucer-shaped UFO shimmering in the moonlight sitting on the desert floor sustained only by a tripod landing gear!

It had a cool, bluish aura of light around it and he tried to get a better look. It was about the size of a smaller sized NASA space shuttle and sat there silently glowing in the dark. As he moved closer, he was given this warning: "Keep your distance! Our craft is protected by a magnetic field. Greetings from afar! We have been observing you for quite some time, and it was no accident that you are here. We deliberately set your watch back, causing you to miss your bus. Do not worry, we are here to bring you a message of peace. We are hominoid in form but much smaller, more delicate bodies and larger heads and we are from another civilization eons away. We communicate differently but have similar features. Our scout ship is remotely controlled so no crew is aboard. We live peaceably and comfortable in our mothership in outer space free from peril."

"Eons ago, we also lived on a planet, but we abandoned it because of periodic turbulence that wiped out much of our population. Now, we are free from that instability and exist out here in relative peace and safety. Over time, we have watched your planet as civilizations rose and fell due to wars and catastrophes causing death and destruction. That will inevitably continue unless you act soon to prevent your planet's premature end. Peace and safety is the only answer for a brighter future."

Astoundingly, what he had heard was not heard but transmitted telepathically. "We would like to demonstrate a bit of our advanced knowledge and offer you a brief ride aboard this craft. You will discover that technologically we are infinitely more advanced than you."

And then, a door magically swung open revealing a staircase and a dimly lit interior and he was invited inside. Still fearful, he stepped gingerly forward entering the craft. Seated comfortably in an ergonomic recliner he noticed no windows, some strange Egyptian-like symbols on a perimeter wall and a series of dimmed soft-glowing blue lights illuminating the svelte interior. However as mentioned above, it was unmanned and controlled by the mother ship from outer space. He was asked to recline securely in his seat and before he knew it, incredibly found himself whisked away at warp speed and looking out at the lights of New York City below. A TV-like screen had appeared and he now saw the Statue of Liberty from a safe distance away. A few moments later the ship returned landing back in WSMR from where it had taken off.

The voice invited him to disembark, cautioning him not to reveal what had happened at this time. It went on to say they would return and make future contacts with him to gather more information on the state of our scientific knowledge. Eerily as it arrived it departed leaving him standing in full view of burning embers where it took off. Undaunted he returned to reality. His story ended at that point and later he stood before a group of reporters who wanted to know more about this strange phenomenon. The aliens had broken off contact without returning. Had it all been a bad dream or was he somehow vicariously chosen?

Allen Hynek (see footnote) authored several books to inform others of his UFO knowledge and also to let people know that we are not alone in the universe. He wanted you to know that other more intelligent life exists outside of our planet. That we are headed down the wrong "Fork in the Road" where life as we know it may either end or, bring about unimaginable blessings. With earth's burgeoning populace, frequent wars and disasters, unremitting climate change, dwindling natural resources, food shortages, disease, energy depletion, costly health care, greed, the outlook for an enduring peaceful planet is but a wisp of a prayer. Adam Smith (1776), the renowned British Economist preached a dictum that nations should take a hands-off approach toward market forces. The free enterprise system surely will provide enduring peace and stability he proclaimed. Referred to as the "Invisible Hand" it's a theory that invokes Divine Intervention to forestall looming doom and gloom.

What do you think? The rise in corroborated reports worldwide has continued unabated yet the public still remains skeptical. Are UFOs real or sheer poppycock by "Kooks and Crackpots"? Official government sources refuse to verify any UFO sightings. Promises by elected officials to reveal the truth have remained in limbo. To help answer this question I have added several Testimonials (below).

Footnote: Allen Hynek worked for US Air Forces Project Blue Book as a consultant astronomer. When he started, his attitude against all who had seen UFOs was that, with his own words, only "kooks and Crackpots" saw UFOs. But after a couple of years he started to notice that many of the reports weren't made up by kooks and crackpots, but highly credible militaries and civilians worldwide. In 1986 Dr. J. Allen Hynek died. Under his life time Hynek wrote these books: The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry, Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings and, What You Should Know about UFOs. He later admitted to deleting from his writings anything that might excite the public, to please his bosses.

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